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Set the scene for your first dance

How to approach your first dance, June from SGDJ Weddings gives us some top tips. 

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The first dance is significant for so many couples and it’s a moment where you are the centre of attention. For some this is a glorious thing but for others it can be worrying. But there are ways to make it much less fearsome and more impactful for you and your guests. Here’s a few ways to approach your first dance.

A Performance

This is where you either just throw yourselves into it with spontaneity and have fun in an unstructured way or get dance classes to prepare you. Either get the dance choreographed by a professional, or use skills learnt in classes to choreograph your own. Some people involve the bridal party and have their DJ create a mix of different songs.

Image from SGDJ Weddings

Share the moment

You want your first dance to be a moment of tenderness and intimacy between you that others just happen to witness. You forget everyone else in the room and look into the eyes of your beloved. It doesn’t matter if you are just swaying in an embrace or dancing with a little more animation. Everyone present is there to celebrate your official status as a married couple and are there to support you and share the love.

Let’s get this over with

You are super embarrassed and want everyone to just get on with partying and you want the first dance over as quickly as possible. But there is no need to stress over it, your DJ can lower the lighting and quickly bring others to the dance floor. If you fall into that category rest assured that many couples feel exactly the same.

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Not for us

For whatever reason, whether it’s embarrassment or rebellion against tradition, you don’t want a first dance.  It’s your wedding and it’s important you do it your way and it’s fine to skip the first dance whatever anyone may say.

Your wedding day is about you as a couple and your first dance can be whatever you want it to be, from a romantic experience to a fun moment. It can take you back to a happy moment or even be something that everyone else happily joins in with. Either way, SGDJ Weddings will be able to set the scene with the right lighting and music to make it a very special memory to last a lifetime. 

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