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How to perfect a red lip like Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

The singer was there to support boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Taylor enjoys trying out different red shades. (PA Wire/PA)

Taylor Swift stole the show with her bold red lip at the 2024 Super Bowl.

On and off the pitch and stage, the US superstar has been wearing her signature look all season, including during her Eras tour and most recently, to support American Footballer boyfriend Travis Kelce.

The 34-year-old rushed onto the field after Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in Las Vegas. The pair repeatedly kissed and hugged in front of the cameras – her red lip perfectly intact.

What red lip does Taylor Swift wear?

According to Hayley Walker, make-up artist and beauty expert at Just My Look said Swift’s “matt, rich, bold red” lip was a simple way to dress up a casual outfit.

“The shade is a bright red with hints of blue, complementing her blue eyes and fair complexion. This particular choice of red seems to be a subtle nod to the Kansas City Chiefs, as the red closely matches their team jerseys, and completes her smart, casual look for the game,” said Walker.

(PA Wire/PA)

Make-up artist Pat McGrath has appeared to confirm on her Instagram Stories that the singer’s red lip is from her ‘MatteTrance’ line, but didn’t name the shade.

How can you recreate the look?

Grace Day, an aesthetician and beauty editor at Beauty Bay, suggests “creating a precision line with a deep red liner and fill in the rest of the lip to create a base that won’t budge. Add your lipstick over the top”.

She added: “I love the E.L.F. Cosmetics O Face Satin Lipstick in Me, Myself, and I – and blot with tissue. Add a second layer to finish”.

Walker suggested scrubbing your lips to get rid of dry and flaky skin, using a primer on the lips and avoid overlining.

“For application, one swipe and done is not the answer for kiss-proof lipstick. Layering up your lipstick and blotting in between is the best way to make sure it withstands the test of love,” she said.

(PA Wire/PA)

“I would apply three layers of lipstick with blotting in between to ensure it lasts and the colour remains bold. Blotting the lips helps retain moisture in the lips and creates a rich colour.

“You can use a tissue to blot, however, I find that lipsticks can sometimes stick to the tissue, especially long-wear formulas, so I would recommend using blotting papers such as Brushworks Charcoal Blotting Paper to remove excess oil from the lipstick that causes it to budge.”

As a final step, Walker sets the product with transparent powder to seal in the look. “I love the Eveline Cosmetics Wonder Match Translucent Setting Powder, I simply apply the product to a fluffy brush and lightly dust it over the lips to set the lipstick,” she said.

“If I’m wearing a bolder colour, I usually apply another coat of lipliner after this and do the same but focus on the areas that are lined. I then tidy up around the lips with my concealer for a snatched finish to a kiss-proof pout that lasts all day.”

To achieve this classic look, Day believes a matte red lipstick is mandatory.

“A matte lip can pack a huge punch of pigment, without the upkeep necessary of a gloss. It’s also far less likely to smudge than a high-shine product. Taylor’s aesthetic is very much contemporary classic – taking iconic looks and giving them a cool, modern twist. One of the ways she updates the red lip is to keep it totally matte,” said Day.

What are the common mistakes?

“Skipping the use of a liner can make it difficult to define the natural lip shape during application, potentially causing the lipstick to bleed or feather and resulting in a messy appearance,” said Walker.

“Another mistake is applying too much product which can also lead to an untidy finish. To achieve a long-lasting and bold colour, I would recommend applying three layers of lipstick with blotting in between. This method helps ensure the lipstick’s durability while maintaining the vibrancy of the chosen shade.”


Choosing the wrong shade of red is also a common faux pas.

“For those with fair skin, like Taylor, who have cool undertones, blue-based reds will provide a vibrant contrast without overpowering fair complexions.

Alternatively, for those with fair skin but warmer undertones, opt for coral or cherry reds as they complement fair skin tones with yellow or peach undertones,” said Walker.

“Light to medium skin tones with cool undertones should stick to true reds or berry shades, as these colours can add a pop without being too harsh. Those with warm undertones should go for brick reds or orange-reds.

“Medium to olive skin tones with cool undertones should go for deep reds or cranberry shades, as these colours help enhance the richness of the complexion. For those with warm undertones in this category, try brick reds, terracotta, or warm brown-based reds.”

Rich burgundies and wine reds can look stunning against dark skin with cool undertones, while deep cherry reds or brick reds complement darker skin with warmer undertones perfectly, she said. “Just ensure that your eye makeup remains simple, allowing your red lips to take centre stage in your look.”

Day added: Once you’re over the initial shock of the new look, I promise you’ll feel confident enough to wear it out.”


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