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P!nk details struggle to lose weight after undergoing surgery

The 43-year-old appears on the cover of Women’s Health UK.

P!nk has said she struggled to lose weight after having hip and double disc replacement surgery last year despite working out for three hours a day and eating “clean”.

The pop superstar is preparing to release her ninth studio album, Trustfall, after a period in which both her father and her family’s nanny died of cancer.

Appearing on the cover of Women’s Health UK, the 43-year-old detailed her exercise regime at her farm in southern California after gaining weight amid the surgery.

(Andrew Macpherson/Women’s Health UK/PA)

She said: “I was probably a bit depressed from all of the loss, and I couldn’t lose weight to save my life.

“I would work out three hours a day, eat clean, and my metabolism was a dud – I couldn’t get anything started.

“And I was like ‘I’m exhausted, I’m sad, I haven’t been away from my family for three years – not even overnight. And I just need a minute’.”

The singer, whose hits include What About Us and So What, told the publication she likes “being strong”.

She added: “I identify with my core, my intuition and my strength. I have big, wide feet and I joke ‘The better to kick you with’. I’m short, close to the ground, fast and agile.”

Her new track, When I Get There, is a love letter to those in her life who died in recent years.

(Andrew Macpherson/Women’s Health UK/PA)

She said: “I lost my dad in August of 2021. He had cancer for eight years.

“When that song was sent to me, I was very numb. I don’t grieve in a normal way, like how I see other people grieve.

“They have such instant access to their grief, it seems. I just kind of go numb. It takes me a really long time to unpack that suitcase, and that song was part of the unpacking.

“I heard it and I thought ‘That’s my song’.”

Speaking about the death of her family’s nanny, Trish, she added: “I kind of feel like we were walking around with this low-level trauma that some of us were aware of and some of us weren’t.

“She was one of the loves of our life… and so my youngest… talking about this makes me cry.

“(My son) Jameson will walk around the kitchen and go ‘Hey, Grandpa, hey, Trish’.”

Read the full interview in March's issue of Women's Health UK.


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