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My Mix(ed up) Tape will take you on a wild night out in the South Wales Valleys

Phoebe is being made to go to Cousin Caroline's wedding back home in Pontypridd. WHY? There's people she would rather not see. Family and friends she grew up with, even Jamie Richards who licked her neck once. I know. Who does that?

Through the wedding soundtrack emerge the usual likely suspects, including Dai One Shoe and Leather Bag Face Linda, who Phoebe will do her best to not eye-roll at - but this trip home feels different, is different. Will Phoebe be able to work out how she can survive the night before it all catches up with her?

Come on a wild night out in the South Wales Valleys. Told with a live DJ, this new comedy drama about leaving and coming back to your hometown will make you laugh, cry and dance in your seat.

Content warnings: swearing and sexual language, references to: sex, bullying, physical violence, domestic abuse/violence, abortion.

Age 14+

My Mix(ed up) Tape is a new play written and performed by Katie Payne, with live DJ set by Glade Marie. Supported by Arts Council of Wales

20 October

Grand Pavilion

Esplanade, Porthcawl CF36 3YW


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