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Georgia Toffolo: Drinking mindfully is a gift to yourself

‘Toff’ says that a lot has changed since her early 20s.

(Ian West/PA)

When you think back to Made In Chelsea’s heyday, it seemed to be all champagne, kisses, debauchery and parties.

But Georgia Toffolo, 2017 Queen of the Jungle and close pal of Stanley Johnson, says she often wasn’t drinking champagne at all.

While Toff may look like she is often sipping champagne, all is not what it seems (Alamy/PA)

“We were always photographed with glasses of champagne in our hands, but mine was normally a non-alcoholic version,” the 28-year-old explains. “I don’t know whether people really know this.”

At that time, the nation’s relationship with alcohol was in the spotlight, and how well we looked after our wellbeing became more important. Things began to change around her, says Toffolo. “People became more aware of their habits – both negative and positive. And as I was in my early 20s, I was able to ride that wave.

“My attitude to wellbeing has changed hugely. I try to get balance and moderation, which is a constant battle, whether I am looking at how I eat, drink, work, or exercise. In my early 20s, it was so manic and I tried to work all the hours God sent, so the theme of my mid-20s has been trying to find moderation,” she explains.

That moderation has become pertinent to her drinking habits.

“I am a mindful drinker. I have been drinking since I was 18, but over the past three years, I have really tried to be more mindful.”

She’s not the only one. According to new research by Harrogate Spring Water, 61% of adults are intending to try drinking in moderation in the coming months – a campaign Toffolo is supporting by debuting a new 0% summer cocktail, The Royal Raspberry Spritz, at Royal Ascot on Tuesday, June 20, at The Harrogate Spring Water Mindful Drinking Bar.

Racing fan Toff likes alcohol in moderation (Alamy/PA)

A lot of people, Toffolo says, “are interspersing alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks, which is exactly what I do.

“Ascot is like my Christmas. I go every day of every year but it can be a really long week,” she explains. “People go racing for so many different reasons, but you want to be on flying form. I drink loads and loads of water, feel super hydrated and feel great the next day. I spruce it up with a bit of basil or elderflower.”

And because she sticks to mindful drinking, hangovers are a thing of the past, says Toffolo.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s a chore, it doesn’t feel like I am losing out on anything, it is a gift to yourself. My mindset and my relationship with alcohol is so much healthier.”


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