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6 wedding suit trends every stylish groom should know about

Fashion experts talk through this season’s coolest tailoring looks. By Katie Wright.


Every groom wants to feel cool, calm and collected on his big day, and getting kitted out in the perfect suit can be a real confidence booster.

When it comes to choosing your wedding tailoring, it’s important to think about the setting and the season.

A summer or destination wedding calls for lighter fabrics and colours than a black tie or evening affair, for example, plus there are current trends to consider.

“The trends taking the tailoring world by storm this season celebrate personal style and a revival of well-respected, sartorial statements,” says Victor Nyamdavaa, tailoring specialist at Hawes and Curtis.

“Expect plenty of structural prowess and classic silhouettes in an abundance of materials.”

That means there’s something to suit every taste, whether you want to go timeless or trendy when you tie the knot.

Here, menswear experts run down six key tailoring looks for grooms…

1. Linen suits


ASOS Design Slim Linen Mix Suit Jacket in Sage Green, £85; Waistcoat, £35; Trousers, £35; Premium Easy Iron Skinny Fit Twill Shirt with Cutaway Collar in White, £35

Ideal for weddings taking place at the height of summer or in balmy beachside locations, linen is lightweight and comfortable.

“Linen suits offer a versatility that is hard to beat, opening doors to a realm of colours that other suiting trends don’t,” says Nyamdavaa.

“Neutral shades or pastels work best, paired with a light-coloured shirt and accessories in complementary tones for a perfect balance of style and comfort on your big day.”

2. Relaxed silhouettes

For those who want to steer clear of the conventional three-piece morning suit, relaxed tailoring is the way to go.

“The reason this trend is so popular now is it offers a more comfortable and casual alternative to traditional wedding looks, while still being stylish,” says Robbi Hicks, head of visual development at Moss.

“To style this look for your wedding day, opt for a relaxed, unstructured suit in a neutral colour. Pair it with a simple white shirt and black or brown shoes to keep the look classic but elevated.”

3. Pops of pastel


Grooms who want to keep it classic in a morning suit can personalise their outfit with pastel accents.

“To stay within the boundaries of a formal dress code, stick to classic colours like black or grey for the single-breasted morning jacket, adding a splash of colour with a pale yellow or blue waistcoat,” Nyamdavaa suggests.

“Simple accessories like a pocket square or handkerchief will allow you to introduce your own personal flair to this formal outfit.”

(Hawes and Curtis/PA)

Hawes and Curtis Men’s Black & Grey Italian Wool 3 Piece Morning Suit, £749; White Fitted Slim Stretch Shirt Semi-Cutaway Collar, £55

4. Bold colours

A step beyond play-it-safe pastels, suits in vivid colours make a strong style statement.

“This trend is all about incorporating bold but sophisticated colours into your wedding look – think jewel tones like olive green, blue, and ruby red,” says Hicks.

“Opt for a bold-coloured suit in a modern cut, such as a slim-fit or tapered leg. Pair it with a neutral shirt and tie or keep tonal knitwear to balance the look.”


Moss Slim Fit Blue Slub Suit Jacket, £129; Trousers, £70; Slim Fit White Royal Oxford Shirt, £49.95; Cappuccino Melange Knitted Linen Tie, £29.95

5. Velvet jackets


Reiss Ace Navy Single Breasted Velvet Blazer, £298

“The modernisation of the black tie dress code has seen the recent rise of the velvet jacket replacing the humble tuxedo jacket,” says Nyamdavaa.

Best suited to evening or autumn/winter weddings, a velvet blazer is suave and elegant.

“Explore darker colours like a deep red or dark blue and combine it with a crisp white dress shirt, a black bow tie and black trousers with patent leather shoes, completing a truly sophisticated wedding day look.”

6. Textured fabrics

“One trend that is set to dominate men’s tailoring in the autumn/winter 2023 season is textured fabrics,” says Hicks.

“This trend is all about incorporating fabrics with unique patterns or textures that add depth and interest to traditional suits – think tweeds, herringbone, flannels and cords.”

Grooms can also add a textured tie to their wedding ensemble, he adds: “The tie is also a very subtle way of pulling this trend into your current look with Grenadine silk and silk knits being some of the standouts.”


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