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Brand new Japanese restaurant in Swansea city centre

Exciting news, foodie enthusiasts! A vibrant new addition has landed in Swansea city centre – Joyato, a sleek and stylish Japanese restaurant set to tantalise your taste buds with something for everyone.

(Joyato Swansea)

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable dining adventure at Joyato, an all-you-can-eat sit-in concept that promises to immerse you in authentic Japanese cuisine with something for the whole family. The attentive waiting staff will cater to your every need, delivering a stunning array of mouth-watering dishes directly to your table. From sublime sushi to delectable Japanese grill specialties, Joyato’s menu offers a culinary journey like no other.

An empty retail unit has been magically transformed into this chic Japanese haven. Aptly named Joyato, meaning 'all-night lights,' the restaurant invites you to experience its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Now open and boasting a set price, Joyato serves an extensive range of authentic dishes.

With its modern Japanese aesthetic, Joyato comfortably seats 200 across three main dining areas over two floors, plus a semi-enclosed dining room on the ground floor for those seeking a bit more intimacy. Every dish is made to order and served promptly, with diners able to indulge in up to four dishes at a time – and as many times as they wish, all part of the irresistible all-you-can-eat offering.

The meticulously curated menu offers an explosion of flavours and textures with plenty for younger diners such as chicken karaagé, harumaki, hosomaki, plus lots of lovely sweet desserts. The whole family will be well catered for.

Suski lovers will be spoilt for choice, from the pristine slabs of tuna, melt-in-your-mouth salmon, and creamy avocado rolls to intricate maki with crisp vegetables and delicate nori sheets, each piece is handcrafted to perfection. You’ll love the nigiri - rice adorned with thin slices of fresh fish, or venture into exotic realms with katsu chicken sesame roll bursting with heat and flavour.

Not to be missed is the assortment of sashimi, showcasing the chef’s knife skills. Thinly sliced, premium-quality fish accompanied by radish and fiery wasabi.

(Joyato Swansea)
(Joyato Swansea)

Joyato also features traditional Japanese grill specialties, known as robatayaki. Skewers of succulent teriyaki chicken, savoury pork belly, and tender beef, all cooked over an open flame, capture the essential smoky flavours through careful grilling techniques. These are complemented by a variety of dipping sauces – from sweet teriyaki glazes to spicy, peppery concoctions.

Udon and soba lovers will delight in the steaming bowls of noodles. Thick, chewy udon served in rich, umami-laden broths, often with garnishes like tempura shrimp or tender slices of beef.

Tempura, a hallmark of Japanese cuisine, features prominently on the menu with its light, crispy batter encasing prawn, vegetables like sweet potato and bell pepper.

Don’t overlook the comforting and hearty rice dishes like the poke bowls. Steamed rice topped with options such as simmered chicken, tuna, salmon as well as a vegetable option. Each bowl is a harmonious mix of flavours, often enhanced with seasonal nuts, fruits and eggs.

Business director Alice Yi shared that the pandemic postponed their business ambitions. It wasn't until 2021 that they resumed negotiations for the site, finally gaining access in April 2023. “We spent a year transforming the space from just an empty shell into this exciting new venue,” she adds, reflecting on the dedicated effort that brought Joyato to life.

Joyato Swansea
(Joyato Swansea)

They are open 7 days a week and about to open for a set lunch menu between Monday and Thursday from 1st July.

Whether you’re a seasoned sushi aficionado or new to Japanese cuisine, Joyato promises a dining experience that’s both thrilling and satisfying. Don’t miss out – visit Joyato and discover why it’s set to be Swansea’s hottest place to eat.

Joyato, Salubrious Court (next to Vue Cinema), Salubrious Place, Swansea, SA1 3DA

Call 01792 399488 or email Book online at


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