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7 clever clothing hacks to help you keep warm in the cold

Bundle up with these winter fashion tips, says Katie Wright.

Another cold snap has descended, with subzero temperatures making it a challenge to stay warm, even when you’re not leaving the house.

During times like these, getting dressed is very much a matter of function over fashion as we battle the elements and try to keep our heating bills from soaring.

Instead of turning up the thermostat, here are some clothing hacks to keep you toasty from head to toe…

1. Add thermal layers

Layering is key when you want to stop body heat from escaping. As the basis for any winter outfit, start with thermal fabrics designed for maximum warmth without the bulk – think leggings and long-sleeved tops – add a loose middle layer such as a flannel shirt and top with the thickest jumper you can find.

2. Choose the fluffiest fabrics

The warmest fabrics work by creating tiny air pockets that provide extra insulation. That’s why fleece, sheepskin, shearling and faux fur are your friends when the mercury plummets. Try fleece-lined joggers, sheepskin slippers or a faux fur-lined hat for maximum heat-trapping capability.

Regatta Voltera Waterproof Heated Jacket Slate Blue, £154, was £220 (

3. Fingerless gloves

If you’ve constantly got cold hands but need your fingers free for typing or other activities then fingerless gloves are the way to go. Extra long sleeves or sporty sweatshirts with thumb loops will also help.

Accessorize Stripe Fingerless Gloves Set of Two, £12 (

4. Double up on socks

Our extremities often suffer the most when temperatures drop because the body prioritises keeping our core and vital organs warm. To counteract the effect, pop on two pairs of socks and make sure there’s no gap at the ankle for cold air to creep in.

5. Slip on a slanket

A slanket – aka a blanket with sleeves (and a hood) – takes loungewear to the next level. Ideal for snuggling up on the sofa in the evening or donning when you’re working from home (you might want to take it off for Zoom meetings though).

6. Rock a gilet

Make a wool coat a whole lot warmer by wearing a lightweight gilet underneath. Filled with real or synthetic down, these deceptively thin bodywarmers make a huge difference – and Uniqlo ( has a great selection for men and women.

You can also get heated gilets fitted with rechargable warming pads from brands such as Regatta (, which are handy if you’re going to be out in the cold for a while.

FatFace Hascombe Quilted Gilet, £65 (

7. Heated hand warmers

Somtimes even keeping your hands firmly in your pockets isn’t enough to keep your fingertips from freezing, particularly when you’re venturing outside.

Turn up the heat by popping a couple of hand warmers in your pockets – reusable gel packs or rechargable electric warmers are the most eco friendly. Choose from a wide selection on sites such as Amazon or eBay.


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