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The blue & grey kitchen at Sigma3 that changed everything

If you’re searching for blue and grey kitchen inspiration, look no further than this dreamy kitchen in South Wales.

Last year, the Sweeney family decided to embark on a kitchen extension project with the hope to relocate afterwards.

Helen explained that several of her friends had kitchens from Sigma 3, so she always knew she’d go with Sigma 3 when the time came to purchase her own new kitchen.

Shortly after the extension was built and the blue and grey kitchen was installed, the family decided to stay put. The new kitchen allowed the family to rekindle the love for their home and create a whole new space for family living and hosting.

What was brief?

Mr and Mrs Sweeney met with the kitchen designer at our showroom. During this time, a move was still at the forefront of the couple’s mind. So, the house needed a kitchen that everyone would like. Helen and her husband explored our modern kitchen ranges. Their kitchen designer guided the couple through our neutral colour palette, which would provide a blank canvas that the future homeowners could easily customise.

The design process

Following the completion of the kitchen extension, the family fell head over heels in love with their newfound space and decided that relocating was no longer on the cards. Subsequently, the kitchen design needed a bit of rejigging.

Helen explained that the 3D visual design that had been created was exactly what they’d initially hoped for. However, it did not reflect the family’s style and taste. They decided to incorporate some colour into the design and opted for our Oxford Blue finish for a two-tone blue and grey kitchen. The family found themselves torn between traditional kitchens and modern kitchen styles. The solution? Our Melrose range. Melrose’s unique design comprises flat slab doors with a traditional inframe feature, providing the family with the best of both worlds.

Picking storage features was simple. Helen fell in love with The Connery Drinks cabinet as soon as she saw it in the showroom. Helen explained that the previous utility room was a bit of an eyesore; it was used to dump recycling bags and waste. So, The Velabin waste solution was incorporated into the design, allowing for waste to be concealed behind closed doors. Pull out larders were incorporated into the design of the kitchen island, utilising the feature.

The outcome

The completed grey and blue kitchen is everything the Sweeney family had hoped for and more. The large kitchen island has created a space where all the family and guests can gather. Helen is looking forward to truly putting the kitchen through its paces and showing off her glamorous drink’s cabinet to guests.

Are you ready to start your kitchen journey?

Sigma 3 are delighted to have been a part of the Sweeny’s renovation story. If you’re ready to begin your kitchen journey, then book your free design consultation online today.

To book a free consultation visit or if you’re not ready to visit us just yet view our beautiful new brochures and get inspired.


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