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Techniquest is Bigger & Better than ever!

If you’ve not visited Techniquest for a while, you’ll spot that it’s now bigger and better than ever with the Science Capital extension, including over 50 new exhibits. Many of these are geared towards older children, teenagers and adults too, so the scope to keep the whole family entertained, whatever their age, is positively galactic!

One of the new areas is the Chemistry Zone, where you can make your own virtual compounds using the touch-screen periodic table, create your own digital fireworks, learn about molecules in motion, find out how the bimetal bloom unfolds, shape a water-droplet, peer into a microscopic world – and lots more.

Upstairs are the Space and Environmental Zones with all sorts of fascinating facts to discover about our planet and the universe around us. Try your hand at docking a spacecraft as the clock counts you down and out of time, feel the full force of a hurricane or the movement of an earthquake, discover how solar energy works or see who can launch a rocket the furthest.

And when you’ve exhausted all those possibilities, you can head back down to the Biomedical Zone on the ground floor, via the ginormous silver slide (lift and stairs are also available!).

With over 100 hands-on exhibits to explore altogether, including many old favourites in the Retro section – such as the Giant Piano, the Treasure Chest, the Locked Gate and the Pipes of Pan - there’s plenty to occupy curious hands and minds, giving the whole family the chance to create great memories together.

Capacity at Techniquest is still limited, so remember to book ahead at


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