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Edenstone offers apprenticeships to help young people build careers

Applications are open for five apprenticeships being offered by the Edenstone Group across South Wales and the South West of England.

Those hoping to build a career in construction will need to act fast – assessment days are due to take place this Friday (July 22).

Edenstone, headquartered in Magor and with a regional office in Portishead, has offered apprenticeships for the last three years, putting four people through training to become bricklayers. Two of them have gone on to become bricklayers working with subcontractors on Edenstone Group sites.

Edenstone has linked with AccXel, who have their own training academy in Cinderford, to offer five apprenticeships – three for groundworkers and two as bricklayers.

Edenstone Group operations director Chris Edge explained: “We’ve had success with allocating apprentice bricklayers to gangs of subcontractors and some of those trainees have now become fully fledged bricklayers. It’s important for the future of the construction industry that we help young people develop new skills so that we can work together to address the housing shortage.

“Partnering with AccXel, we’ll be providing opportunities for groundworkers and bricklayers. AccXel has a state-of-the-art centre, built to equip new construction workers with the skills our industry desperately needs. They have facilities such as a mock-live site on their campus, where trainees can hone their skills before they begin working on site. This, accompanied by their outstanding curriculum will turn out the highest calibre of construction professionals. It’s a great way forward for us to develop our workforce with the skills they need to help us deliver the homes people want and need.”

Chris added: “The advantage of an apprenticeship is that you can learn while you earn.

“Some of the highest earners in construction are bricklayers and their potential earnings compare favourable with other industries. A 35-year-old lawyer’s average income of £40,000 but the average bricklayer could earn double that.”

Applications for bricklaying and groundworker apprenticeships are now open, with assessment days for both schemes taking place on July 22. For more information see


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