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6 unique TikTok wedding ideas that are memorable for all the right reasons

TikTok is wedding planning heaven with ideas at every turn. Some are gimmicks, but which are genuinely good?


Wedding content is huge on TikTok, with people sharing money-saving tricks, planning tips and cute additions to make your special day unique.

The search term ‘wedding ideas’ has 577.5M views on the platform, which is full of professional planners and enthusiastic brides and grooms putting immense time and energy into creating the perfect event.

But among all the noise, which ideas are actually memorable for the right reasons?

1. Potted plants

Plants are a beautiful – and sustainable – option (Alamy/PA)

More people are turning away from traditional fresh-cut flowers.

“Shoppers are becoming increasingly mindful about their purchases, and that includes what they’re buying for their weddings. More than ever, couples are incorporating sustainable wedding details – like reusable, eco-friendly, and vintage items – that make an impact on their guests, not the environment,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy trend expert.

“And with prices across the wedding industry continuing to rise, many couples are taking wedding elements into their own hands with DIY details, such as potted plants, that showcase their creativity and personal style without breaking the bank.”

2. Personalised napkins

“Today’s couples want to add a personal stamp to every detail of their wedding day and that includes table settings. Personalised napkins are an especially great option to add a memorable touch to any celebration, and can even double as a great keepsake for wedding guests,” says Johnson.

Why not take inspiration from one couple on TikTok – who printed the first few text messages they ever sent each other onto cocktail napkins for their wedding.

3. Personal music for walking down the aisle

“One way couples are making their weddings stand out is by finding ways to modernise traditions,” says Johnson.

“Replacing the traditional bridal music with a song that is unique and personal to the couple sets the tone for a more intimate day, and gives guests an insight into the couple and the life they are building together.”

4. Polaroid guest books

Polaroids make a memorable keepsake (Alamy/PA)

“In an increasingly technology-filled world”, Johnson says many brides and grooms are “gravitating towards nostalgic wedding accents that are reminiscent of decades past”.

“We’re seeing a return to all things retro, reminding us all of simpler times. I love a Polaroid guest book as it adds a vintage touch to the wedding, while allowing the couple to reminisce about parts of the day they may not have seen or been a part of themselves,” she says.

“Polaroid guest books are a great way of capturing the day from the guests’ perspective and also make a fun activity that keeps everyone occupied.”

5. A ‘send photos to’ sign

Your guests may have some of the best photos (Alamy/PA)

Many TikTok tips include making a sign with an email address to send your pictures from the day to.

“Thanks to the invention of smartphones, now nearly everyone is a photographer and can capture those precious moments in high definition. However, keeping track of them and making sure they are all safely stored in one place is challenging,” Johnson says.

“Setting up an email address where guests can send their photos is a great way to ensure no moment is missed. It’s also a great prompt for guests to be reminded to take photos – professional photographers are great, but they can’t be everywhere and it’s often the guests that capture the most candid snaps.”

6. Skip the favours

We all have so much stuff – do your guests really need a trinket from your wedding?

“While the idea of a wedding favour is well-intentioned”, Johnson says, many couples are “skipping favours altogether, letting the memories speak for themselves and even saving on some cash”.


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