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Going green: Freshen up your space with nature’s favourite shade

From houseplants to botanical wallpaper, gorgeous green homeware is flourishing, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

A little bit of green goes a long way, especially in the home.

Biophilic design is all about maximising connections with natural environments, a theme that’s been taking root in interiors for a while – and for good reason. From revitalising timeless neutrals with fresh greenery, to elevating natural materials by cultivating an indoor oasis, this is a look that channels calm, peace and tranquillity.

It’s visually appealing too. Soft furnishings such as swatches of tropical palm prints radiate positive energy, while tactile aesthetics created by jute, rattan and seagrass create a feeling of wellbeing as well as scoring high in the style stakes.

To help you set the scene for an indoor garden project, this nature-inspired décor soothes the senses and looks the part…

1. Selection of Leaf Envy Plants & Pots, starting from £10 depending on species and pot, Leaf Envy

If you’re looking to green up your kitchen area or suntrap, Leaf Envy is a one-stop shop for home plants. From statement to trailing; extra easy to no fuss; bright light to direct light; air purifying to fast growing, you don’t need to be good at gardening to watch your greenery grow.

2. Artificial Lily and Mixed Foliage Wall Panel, £15, Dunelm

Stylish without being sensitive to the touch, this faux foliage panel has the power to transform a lifeless wall into a sanctuary of calm, with lilies and ferns amongst the mixed greens.

3. Natural Seagrass Leaf Placemat, £11.50, Graham & Green

Woven leaf-shaped placemats suggest you’re sitting close to the coastline and breathing in the fresh sea air – not to mention the earthy texture to tablescape surround. Think seashells scattered amongst the tableware.

4. Plastic Natural Rattan Baskets, from £14; Pretty Boho Bent Cane Plant Stand, £45; Elora Jute Circle Rug, £85; Tulle Dining Chair, £149, and Jute Circular Cushion, £15 (other items from a selection), Dunelm

These rattan baskets will bring some rustic flair to any space, especially if you group them and top with ferns or giant, dried pampas grasses. A jute rug will soothe the senses if you love to pad around barefoot.

5. Palm Leaf Pendant Light, £85, Cult Furniture

With its retro-inspired palm leaf design, this gorgeous glass pendant will channel a cool vintage vibe and create a warm glow.

6. Houseplant in Bubblegum Wallpaper, £75 per roll, Ohpopsi

Funky and fun, these hanging houseplants will make an eye-catching feature wall – and you can always add a floral fringe in the shape of rosebud curtains to pick out the pink. They’d also make a wonderful backdrop for a statement entrance hall, or bring a conservatory to life.

7. Heather Dining Chair – Green Palm Leaf & Chrome, £109, Cult Furniture

A chair for all seasons, this palm leaf print makes a striking accent chair, planted amongst succulents and cacti. Style it up for cooler months with a luxe fir green velvet cushion or throw. Some might even say it would sit well against a Norfolk pine.

8. Rounded Iron Planter, £55.95 (other items from a selection), Graham & Green

Fill this striking black planter with anything lush for maximum impact.

9. George Green Tropical Leaf Cushion, £10,

This exotic print will revive a tired sofa and evoke thoughts of a tropical garden with shady groves.

10. George Green Teddy Autumn Leaf Print Reversible Duvet Set, from £25-£35,

The next best thing to sleeping in a treehouse? This leaf-print bedding will connect you to the outside world, and bring the beauty of nature inside.

11. Banana Leaves Art Print, from £59 (includes frame), Green Lili

Ideal for creating a tropical rain forest or jungle setting – even if it’s limited to a cosy corner – this banana leaves print can be teamed with emerald green accessories and plenty more plant life.


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