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3 brilliant TikTok make-up hacks that will transform your brow game

Beauty buffs have been sharing their best eyebrow-enhancing advice. By Katie Wright.

TikTok beauty influencers have been sharing their best brow hacks Alamy/PA)

TikTok is an amazing source for beauty tips, with professional make-up artists and amateurs alike raving about their favourite products, and posting helpful videos showing exactly how they use them.

Recently, there’s been an influx of incredible eyebrow advice as #beautytok stars share the tools and techniques they use to get their brows looking gorgeous.

Here are three of the best TikTok brow hacks to try now…

1. Shape with three dots

Mexican beauty influencer Jessica Carrasco (AKA SlaybyJess on TikTok) has shared her foolproof guide for creating the perfect arched brow shape.

“A lot of times we don’t know where our brows should start or end,” she says in the video that has had 1.9m views, explaining how to use an eyebrow pencil to map out each brow with three dots.

Take your eyebrow pencil (with the lid removed) and start by holding it vertically next to your nose, placing the first dot where the tip hits the inside of your brow.

Next, angle the pencil so that it crosses over your pupil and make the second dot, which is the top of the arch. Finally, angle the pencil so it’s just past the outer corner of your eye.

“These little marks represent the front, the arch and the end of your brow. Now you can start filling in your brows,” Carrasco explains, using light strokes to mimic brow hairs.

“As you start filling in, the little marks will disappear. Lastly, you want to brush them out using a spoolie.”


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2. Even out your brows

Florida-based beauty blogger Lamia Dagher explains how to use the three-dot technique and a combination of brow-filling products to create a more symmetrical look if your brows aren’t entirely level.

After making the first marks on the insides of your brows, hold your pencil horizontally at the top of your highest eyebrow and mark where the other arch should be.

“Use a small and precise brow pencil to draw a thin line underneath the brow,” Dagher says. “Use a light hand and flicking upward motion to create the front part of the brow and not make it too harsh.”

She recommends using a lighter shade of pencil on the inside and a darker shade towards the end of the brow: “Don’t be afraid to draw an entirely new arch on the lower side with that darker shade.”

Use the same shade to fill in the gaps then go in with a liquid brow pen, Dagher says: “For a seamless blend, use a brow pen to fake hair-like strokes throughout the brow – this step has been a game-changer for me.”

Finish with a light coat of brow-setting gel to keep any stray hairs in place.

(Anastasia Beverly Hills/PA)

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(Anastasia Beverly Hills/PA)

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3. Clean up with concealer

“I think we can all agree eyebrows are life-changing,” says celebrity make-up artist Claudia Neacsu in a video showing how she uses a triangular-shaped twist-up brow pencil to create natural-looking brows, offering a clever concealer hack for a more lifted look.

“Start by using the flat side of the pencil to fill in any gaps. Switch to the thin side of the pencil in order to create hair-like strokes,” Neacsu says.

“I also love to use a little bit of concealer at the end in order to define and lift the eyebrow,” she adds, using a flat concealer brush to apply the product in a clean line and a softer brush to blend it out.

(L’Oreal Paris/PA)

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