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How to surround the home with autumnal fragrances and aromas

Empower the senses with aromatic smells in tune with the season, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

Flourishes of fragrance can work wonders around the home.

Especially this time of year when things start to smell different – from the turning of the leaves, to earthy notes and scents of berries.

“Although I’m a little sad to say goodbye to summer, I’m also excited to welcome in autumn – and all the season brings,” says Katy Simpson, founder of Noble Isle ( “Cashmere jumpers, corduroy, fires, roasts, red wine – and of course, candles.”

As well as moving the lights in her home to new locations to give each room a cosier feel, Simpson says she alters the fragrance to reflect the changing season.

Well-placed candles can make a room feel cosier (Alamy/PA)

Gina Strain, head of homeware buying at Matalan ( says scent-scaping is the way forward: “You can never underestimate the power of fragrance enveloping your home, and creating the perfect seasonal setting.

“The autumn months are a favourite for many scent lovers, with fresh summery floral and citrus candles swapped out for cosy scents such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon and baked cookies.”

Here, fragrance experts share their top tips for making your home smell amazing this autumn…

Create a snug space

During this time of year, Simpson says: “I like to burn a warm, woody fragrance to help evoke comfort and relaxation, blended with classic winter spices such as ginger, black pepper, vanilla and cinnamon, alongside captivating notes of zesty grapefruit, cypress oil and oakmoss.

Noble Isle Fireside Single Wick Candle, £42, creates a warm and inviting ambience with spicy, woody aromas (Noble Isle/PA)

“This aroma naturally creates a warm and inviting ambience in your room for a cosy, soothing night in – with a glass of red wine optional.”

Replicate your favourite baking smell

“The scent profile for autumn often leans towards more spiced, smoky and musky aromas, which instantly make a room feel cosy as we prepare for cooler months,” says Strain. “With Halloween coming up, any warm, sweet and spicy scents with hints of pumpkin or brown sugar work perfectly.”

Matalan Baked Cookie Reed Diffuser, from £7, candles from a selection (Matalan/PA)

She says cinnamon-based scents work wonderfully throughout the season, bringing a comforting, nostalgic feel to any space.

Bring the outside in

Easy to live with, the fresh smell of pine – and thoughts of autumnal walks – can evoke feelings of wellbeing.

Noble Isle Pinewood Botanical Candle, £59, is decorated with ferns, pine cones and berries (Noble Isle/PA)

Pine notes feel festive too, and Simpson says she opts for “what I call a ‘Christmas white fragrance’, including green leaves, pine, and white florals”.

She says she loves to use fresh, evergreen scents such as the uplifting fragrance of pine, elemi, and cypress, alongside sappy notes of cedarwood, guaiac wood and fir.

It only takes two or three drops of pine essential oil to mirror the smell of woodland (Alamy/PA)

You can also add a few drops of pine essential oil to a diffuser filled with water, or a heat-resistant vessel filled with boiling water – perhaps decorated with fallen pine cones for an autumnal theme.

Through a garland

“A garland can perfectly capture the look, feel, and smell of autumn,” suggests Chloë Luxton, founder of (

Reimagine a nature walk with a homemade autumnal wreath (Alamy/PA)

“Creating one is very easy: just gather bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and dried orange slices, and pierce a hole in the centre of each,” advises Luxton. “Thread a long piece of twine through each item, in whichever order you like, and tie a knot at both ends of the garland to keep everything in place.”

She recommends leaving a good amount of twine on each end, so you can hang the garland on a fireplace, staircase, or door frame. “Your garland will not only smell sweet, but will look great too!” adds Luxton.

With potpourri

With a nod to cottagecore, there’s something aesthetically pleasing about dried flower petals.

Classic potpourri is enjoying a resurgence in popularity (Alamy/PA)

“Homemade potpourri is an easy, effective and affordable way to scent a room,” notes Luxton. “Simply add dried flowers, fruit and spices into a bowl or jar. I use strawflowers, apple slices, orange slices, whole nuts, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and pine cones.”

Once you’ve combined your ingredients, she says to add in a few drops of essential oils (such as cedarwood, orange, clove, and pine), gently mix everything together, and place in a beautiful bowl.

To increase its longevity, Chrissie Rucker OBE, founder of The White Company (, says potpourri can also be re-energised with a fragrance oil or room spray.

The White Company Oakmoss Diffuser, £30, left, Oakmoss Signature Candle, from £20, The White Company (The White Company/PA)

“To boost scent, I like to light one or two scented candles, or opt for an electronic diffuser and fragrance oil of choice,” says Rucker. “To check you haven’t over-scented, leave the room and pop back after 10 minutes with a fresh nose.”


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